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Legalett Projects and Case Studies for FPSF Super Insulated Slab-on-Grade Foundations

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Have you ever wanted to walk through a Legalett home to see what a difference a GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundation, Air Heated Radiant Floor, or GEO-Passive ICF Insulated Slab-on-Grade Foundation System, makes to the comfort and energy efficiencies of a finished home? Well now with our Customer to Customer Ambassador can!

Visit a Legalett Project Near You to see our Frost Protected Shallow Foundations & Air-Heated Radiant FloorsThe Legalett Ambassador Program - Where New Clients Discover the Comfort & Convenience of a Legalett Home





The Legalett Ambassador Program - Where New Clients Discover the Comfort & Convenience of a Legalett Home


Customers often tell us how much they love their new homes built using Legalett products, so we established the Legalett Ambassador program to allow our satisfied clients to show off their beautiful and comfortable homes to potential new customers and discuss The Legalett Way of doing things together. New customers are now able to speak with or make an appointment to visit and discuss with some of our local clients and hear about the comfort and happiness they experience in their Legalett home - What better Ambassadors could Legalett have!


As this modern manufacturing facility is located in a beautiful rural area of the Haliburton Highlands in Ontario and has a limited power supply available from the grid - minimizing electrical consumption was a key design criteria. The impressive Passive House inspired design was optimized to minimize energy usage for heating and cooling so that most of the available power can be directed to elevators, machinery and lighting requirements for running the production facility at peak efficiency.


Local Construction Experience Reassures All the Way...


Every potential client interested in Legalett Insulated Foundation Forms - Frost Protected Shallow Foundations and Air Heated Radiant Floor Systems or Super Insulated Passive House standard Wall Insulation Panels has questions about Legalett Products  - sometimes technical, sometimes about their ease of use, but always essential to get answers for!


How to Visit a Legalett Home


Legalett Ambassador’s project locations are listed on our Project Map below by city  only, to ensure our clients anonymity and to ensure visits are by appointment only and at a convenient time. Legalett are the initial contact point, so we are the ones who call the customer to arrange a time to speak with them or to allow a potential new customer to visit their home.


The Legalett Ambassador program is your opportunity to discover the advantages of using Legalett Engineered Systems in the real world, to talk to the people who have hands-on experience of the products and who benefit every day from the advantages inherent with specifying and using Legalett Engineered Insulation and Heating in a Modern Green Building or Passive House in North America. Call 1-866-299-7567 or Email Here and we will be right back in touch to set up your viewing of a Legalett Project near you!


If you are a past customer and would like to find out more about Legalett’s Ambassador Rewards Program, Contact us at



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