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Legalett Resources - Specifier's Guide for GEO-Slab ICF Shallow Foundations & Air-Heated Radiant Floor Heating

Specifier's Guide

Here you will find all of the GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundation & Air-Heated Radiant Floor Heating technical and reference materials as found in our Specifier's Guide for Architects and Design Professionals.

Specifier's Guide & Design Guide for Legalett GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundations & Air Heated Radiant Heated Floor Systems - ONReference & Technical Materials - Specifier's Guide


  • Legalett is a building system.
  • Legalett follows the building process from design to installation.
  • In contrast to other heated floor systems, we design both the Foundation and the Air-Heated Radiant Floor System as a whole. The migration of dampness and the effects of frost heave are eliminated through proper design.
  • Due to the unique ability of the Legalett System to eliminate frost walls, construction time and costs are reduced.
  • Legalett is suitable for detached houses, row houses, townhouses, pre-schools and nursery schools, assembly buildings, industrial buildings – indeed for almost all types of heated floors and foundations.
  • Legalett can be easily adapted for continuous and semi-continuous permafrost areas.
  • The Legalett system includes coordinated design of the Foundation and Air-Heated Radiant Floor System


Please find below, the links to the contents of the Specifier's Guide.






System Description


Typical Design


Edge Elements


Air Piping Parts


Air Piping Layout


Frost Protected Shallow Foundations (GEO-Slab)




Installation Guide


Suggested Installer Checklist


Typical Installation Instructions


Excavation and Skirting


Rough-In for Electrical and Water Supply - 5000


Rough-In for Electrical and Water Supply - 4000


Rough-In for Electrical and Water Supply - 3000


Construction Heater and Floor Finishings


Slab Drying and Moisture Test


Water Quality Guidelines - For Water Coil Units


Typical Water Coil Heater Installation


Typical Boiler/Heat Pump Installation


Heating Unit - 4000W-24


Heating Unit - 4000E-24


Heating Unit - 3200W


Heating Unit - 3200E


Heating Unit - 5200W


Heating Unit - 5200E


Thermostat Control Operating Instructions


Thermostat Operating Instructions Time-of-Use Program for Legalett






Legalett Slab on Grade vs Hydronic & Conventional Heating


Advantages of Legalett


Retail Cost Comparison


LEED® Points and Legalett


Structural Slab Design - Normal and Problem Soils


Energy Savings




8 Inch Heated Slab - Typical Details


5 Inch Heated Slab - Typical Details


Basement / Suspended Systems - Typical Details


Heated Building on Unheated Slab - Typical Details


Unheated Building on Unheated Slab - Typical Details


Cold Porches


Common - Typical Details


Legalett and Expansive Soils





Code Compliance - United States and Canada




Ventilation and Building Techniques


Air Conditioning and Legalett


HRV/ERV Operation with Legalett


Builders/Architects Guide for Building Heating Requirements when Installing Radiant Heated Floors






Insulated Suspended Floor


Open Web Composite Suspended Floor




Hardwoods and Radiant Heat


Radiant Heating Myths


Radiant Heat Flooring In Theory and In Practice




Legalett Downloads & Resources page (includes links to brochures and the Legalett Way Presentation)


Download Legalett's GEO-Slab Specifier & Design Guide in PDF format
(15MB PDF file)


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