Legalett Service & Support for Air-Heated Radiant Floor Systems & Frost Protected Shallow Foundations

Air-Heated Radiant Floor Systems & Frost Protected Shallow Foundations

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Legalett Services & Support


Legalett Services & Support

Legalett Service & Support

Legalett stands behind our systems 100% and are proud of our quality products. From training and installations, to engineering and warranties, Legalett has the best support in the industry.

Contact Legalett for Service & Support for Frost Protected Shallow Foundations and Air Heated Radiant Floor HeatingHow Can We Help You?


The Legalett Product Service and Support Department is staffed by experienced and committed Technical Customer Service Personnel on all aspects of our Frost Protected Shallow Foundations and Air-Heated Radiant Floors.


Should you need technical assistance, warranty, or any other information, please feel free to contact the Legalett professionals.


All Legalett representatives are thoroughly trained in heater operation and application, as well as having hands-on installation experience.


The Legalett staff of trained professionals are available to assist you with any installation or after warranty troubleshooting issue that may arise.



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Contacting Legalett:


Inquiries pertaining to newly installed systems, operating during warranty periods should be directed to your Legalett Heater Technician or Legalett Installer.


Customers experiencing heater insert problems, after warranty, have the option to:


As a homeowner:


1) Contact Legalett for a list of qualified technicians in your area




2) Contact a local qualified technician


As a qualified technician, troubleshooting the heater:


1) Use the information available on this site to troubleshoot the heater insert




2) Use the Legalett Phone, Fax or Email Support listed below




3) Send heater insert to Legalett for servicing (See the Procedures for Shipping Heater Inserts here)


Important :


In all cases when contacting Legalett, Please have


1) Heater Insert model #




2) Product data sheet in hand



Legalett Hours of Operation :


Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm  (Eastern Time Zone)

Phone Support: 1-866-299-7567 - extension # 225

Fax Support: 1-613-937-0125

Email Support:


 Or Write to :

  Legalett Inc.

  Service & Support

  5715 Warner Drive

  Long Sault, ON

  K0C 1P0



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