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Legalett Projects and Case Studies for FPSF Super Insulated Slab-on-Grade Foundations

Legalett Ambassador Gallery

Have you ever wanted to walk through a Legalett home to see what a difference a GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundation, Air Heated Radiant Floor, or GEO-Passive ICF Insulated Slab-on-Grade Foundation System makes to the comfort and energy efficiencies of a finished home? Have a look through our Legalett Ambassador Photo Gallery here...

The Legalett Ambassador Program - Where New Clients Discover the Comfort & Convenience of a Legalett Home





Photo Gallery of Legalett Ambassador's Projects




The Legalett Ambassador program is your opportunity to discover the advantages of using Legalett Engineered Systems in the real world. To talk to the people who have hands-on experience of the products and who benefit every day from the advantages inherent with using Legalett Engineered Shallow Slab Foundations, Insulation and Air-Heated Floors in a Modern Green Building or Passive House in North America. Here are some of their projects that brought them on board as Legalett Ambassadors.



Rick Mueller - Legalett Ambassador in Waterford WI


Rick recently got in touch with us to describe his experience in dealing with an issue he was having on his 15 year old heating unit...


"Just a quick note to tell you about my experience dealing with a problem with my system.  I contacted your support line and was put in contact with Matt Tinker.  He walked me through some problem solving to diagnose my issue.  He was knowledgeable, helpful and most of all patient with me and my problem.  He not only successfully diagnosed my current problem (Thermal actuator), but alerted me to some issues I would likely have with my system as it approaches 15 years and recommended the replacement of my fan capacitors which I did.  I also now have a a new fan motor, fan capacitor and a spare actuator on order so I would have the parts if/when I have another issue.  It took a week to get parts the first time.  The next time I will be better prepared.  Please tell Matt how grateful I am for his export help."


Rick Mueller





Discover more about our Ambassador program here...or contact us directly to become a Legalett Ambassador.


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