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green features

Below you will find the Legalett reasoning behind calling our range of building products "Green," please read on to discover more...


The Benefits of Legalett GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundations and Air-Heated Radiant Floor Systems - Green Features

Why we call Legalett Frost Protected Shallow Foundations and Air-Heated Radiant Floor Systems Green...Why do we call Legalett a Green Product?


Expanded high density polystyrene is the clear winner for Below-Grade construction applications when it comes to optimum insulation values in a structurally stable, water resistant, inert material at a reasonable cost.


Below are a list of reasons why Legalett Slab-on-Grade ICF Floor forms and Air-Heated Radiant Concrete Floors help build Better, Greener LEED, Passive House and Net Zero Energy Buildings:


  • Use of recyclable materials (the main bulk of the System is EPS insulation, PVC/steel piping and reinforcing, all of which can be recycled).
  • Use of people friendly materials (warm concrete is one of the most friendly materials for the environmentally sensitive)
  • Reduction in energy requirements due to reduced energy consumption, reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas production
  • Ability to passively collect and distribute solar energy for heating, reducing heating energy consumption
  • Ability to modulate summer temperature spikes, reducing the need for cooling energy consumption
  • Ability to reduce ventilation and resultant make-up air heating / cooling to the absolute minimum required for ventilation only (thus saving energy) during occupancy, while maintaining exceptional comfort (for assembly buildings)
  • Minimum impact on the environment due to elimination of frost walls and deep foundation drainage, leaving natural water tables unaffected (and the vegetation and trees that draw from it)
  • Legalett also offers extremely low maintenance costs due to the closed nature of the piping system and the simplicity of the equipment.


Using Legalett Helps Save the Environment!



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