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advantages for retirement facilities

The Legalett Radiant Floor Heating & Shallow Foundation System offers many benefits for Retirement Communities and Nursing Homes, which are important to the residents as well as to the architects, engineers, builders and developers who are planning these communities.


Benefits of Legalett GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundations and Air-Heated Radiant Floor Systems for Retirement & Elder Care Facilities

﷯How Retirement Communities & Elder Care Facilities can Benefit from Using the Legalett SystemHow Retirement Communities & Elder Care Facilities can Benefit from Using the Legalett System


Benefits for Building Residents

  • Lower operating cost due to;
  • reduced energy consumption
  • passive solar collection
  • reduction in requirement for A/C
  • elimination of make-up air system operation except during occupancy
  • Lower capital cost;
  • Total installed cost of Legalett is lower. Retirement communities often consist of small, detached units.  Since Legalett is especially cost effective (compared to other building methods) for smaller slabs, cost and time savings are realized by the developer/builder which can be passed on to the owner.
  • Warm Comfortable floors;
  • Elderly people are especially sensitive to temperature. With Legalett, since the floor is warm, the feet are warm, and thus the whole body is warm.  This increases occupant comfort, and decreases the effects of joint ailments such as arthritis, which are aggravated by cold floors and cold feet.
  • Easy to provide a heated garage;
  • When building with Legalett, it is easy to extend Legalett to include the garage as a heated area.  This is a good idea for a number of reasons. First off, the cost of frost walls used in typical garage construction is eliminated, saving money.  Secondly, a heated garage allows entry and egress into vehicles to be in a warm area, and not cold and windy in the winter.  Thirdly, a retiree may want a warm area to work on hobbies, and a warm garage is the perfect place!
  • Can make use of land with poor soils
  • Easy accessibility (handicap access);
  • The Slab-on-Grade design of Legalett lends itself to easy accessibility, eliminating the need for ramps. Legalett also lends itself to a stair-free dwelling, as a single level design. Few elderly people like running up and down stairs, when they have the option of living on one level.


Benefits for Architects & Engineers


Benefits for Builders

  • Ease of installation
  • Less cut and fill/excavation/backfill
  • Elimination of frost walls and interior footings
  • Legalett takes responsibility of the foundation and the Air-Heated Radiant Floor System


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